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MyPoints Daily Links

Besides taking the daily tour on the home page of MyPoints, you can also click on the link below and do a Headhunter job search. Try to keep the results to one page. At the bottom of the results should be a mypoints link for 10 points. You can win 10 points daily.

MyPoints Weekly Links

Go to
Click on tab HOME DECOR, then under the words FEATURED CATEGORIES you will see the Mypoints link for 10 points.
Click on tab KITCHEN & APPLIANCES, then look under the picture of a Krups Cuisinart for another 10 point link.

MyPoints Monthly Links

You can click on these links at Talk City, once in a 30 period

  • Monthly TalkCity Links - Each Poll that you take at Talk City is worth 5 Mypoints. Vote on the poll, then click on the MyPoints logo on the bottom left of the results page.

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