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Dave's Internet Rewards Site

Guide to Internet Rewards: How to make money on the Web

The two best and highly recommended sites for earning rewards on the Internet are Freeride and MyPoints. Both of them allow the user to earn $10 to $40 a month by surfing the web or reading email. There are lots of other rewards programs that exist, but many of them require too much effort with very little reward. Both Freeride and MyPoints allow you to earn reward points that can be exchanced for gift certificates, CDs, meals at various restaurants (such as Red Lobster).


Most experienced rewards users consider this the fastest way to earn money. Typical ammount earned in a day is about 250 points, with 1000 points roughly equaling $10 (which equals 2 to 10 cents per click). Most people consider it a fun site to earn points, with most of the points earned by clicking on banners. You can sign up at: Please use free4all as your referal so I can earn extra points!


This is perhaps the oldest of the rewards programs, and it consistantly pays, although the points accumulate a bit slower than with FreeRide. Most of the points come from clicking on links in your email that take you to websites. The typical click will earn you 10 points, and 1200 points roughly equals a dollar (roughly 8 cents a click). On a typical day you will earn roughly 40 points, however if you register at some of the websites, your point totals grow much faster (sometimes 200 points for registering, or maybe 500 points for signing up for a subscription). You have to read each offer carefully to be sure of what you are getting into. You can sign up at: Please use as your referal so I can earn extra points!
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Here is a list of Monthly Links for Mypoints
Monthly MyPoints Links


Cybergold was recently bought by MyPoints, so I'm not sure what the future holds for it. The one advantage is that points can be transfered into your checking account or onto your credit card, however the points are extremely slow in accumulating. You can typically click on a link in your email and earn 5 cents for visiting a website (in a day you might earn 15 cents).

AltaVista Rewards

The Altvista rewards site started out great, with some limited time offers that were pulled after the first month. It takes 785 clicks to earn the daily maximun of 1,000 points, so each click is worth a little more than a tenth of a cent. This site is NOT recommended if you have a slow Internet connection. There are lots of opportunites to spend your points, and AltaVista pays the shipping. UPDATE: as of Oct.4, 2000, you only get 10 points for each store you visit, so earning points on AltaVista is getting harder by the day (which means it takes 30 additional clicks to get the daily maximum of 1,000 points).


If you like quizes and reading spunky writing, then you might like Sklif. I just found the points too much work. You visit a site, and then you answer questions related to the site. Unfortunately, most websites change all the time, so a lot of the questions were out of date. It may be that they have some of the bugs out now, however I found a lot of broken links and questions that did not make sense. You can sign up at: Please use bennett9999 as your referal code so I can earn extra points!

Blink Rewards

This is a relatively new rewards program, however I can't recommend it yet. You have very limited options in spending your points. With 30 clicks you can make about 2,400 points, but it takes 75,000 points to get a $10 coupon. So your average click is worth a little more than a penny. You can sign up at: